General Dentistry

General Dentistry

Everything You Need for Your Healthiest Smile.

Our Approach to General Dentistry

Patients choose CinciSmiles as their dental home because they know we’re a team they can trust with their oral health. We offer a comprehensive range of general and preventive treatments that help you to maintain healthy teeth and gums so you can keep smiling throughout your lifetime. We take a proactive approach, identifying issues early so you can address them before they become complex and expensive problems.

Protect against decay and disease.

Preventive Treatments

We use a range of preventive treatments at CinciSmiles to protect your teeth from decay and safeguard against serious oral health issues like gum disease and oral cancer. Getting your teeth professionally cleaned regularly is one of the main ways you can keep your smile healthy. Professional cleanings remove bacteria and buildup from places that your trusty toothbrush cannot reach. We also offer fluoride varnish for an added layer of enamel protection. Dental sealants are another common preventive treatment to help you avoid cavities. These are protective coatings we bond to the chewing surfaces of back teeth. This noninvasive treatment seals deep grooves to keep harmful bacteria out.

You’ll receive an oral cancer screening at every evaluation as well. Our team will take a good look inside your mouth for any early signs of cancer. This will enable early intervention and prompt treatment, which greatly improves long-term prognosis.

Dr. Andrew with patient

Keep your smile flawless with natural-looking fillings.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you need a filling, one of the first things you may wonder is whether it will be visible when you smile or talk. Thankfully, dentistry has come a long way from the days when metal fillings were the only option. Tooth-colored fillings not only blend in perfectly with your natural smile, but they’re also completely mercury-free and better insulate the tooth from hot and cold sensitivity. This makes them the perfect solution for small- or medium-size cavities. You’ll be able to talk and laugh without worrying about your filling disrupting the beauty of your smile.

Our General Dentistry Services Help You

Diagnose oral health problems early.

Early diagnosis is important if you want to enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile.

Maintain optimum oral health.

Regular dental checkups and cleanings keep your smile healthy and functional.

Protect your teeth from decay and damage.

From fillings to dental crowns, our general services help you protect your teeth.

Keep smiling confidently.

General dental services are designed to keep your teeth healthy so you can enjoy sharing your radiant smile.

Don’t put up with pain and discomfort.

Root Canal Therapy

If the soft tissue or pulp located inside of your tooth is infected or inflamed, you may need a root canal. This is where your dentist removes the affected pulp and disinfects the inside of the tooth. The last step in the root canal process is sealing the tooth to prevent bacteria from reentering. We will then prepare and place a custom dental crown to protect it against further damage. At CinciSmiles, we can perform root canals on single-rooted teeth. If you require a root canal on the molars, we will refer you to an endodontic specialist.

Dr. Tim performing dental procedure on patient

Restore the strength and beauty of your smile.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns greatly benefit severely damaged teeth. A crown is a long-lasting restoration cemented over a tooth for extra strength and stability. During your crown appointment, your dentist will first prepare the tooth using a dental laser. Laser dentistry helps reduce inflammation and bleeding and promotes faster tissue healing. Our team will then take digital impressions using our state-of-the-art iTero scanner. This enables us to create 3D models with amazing accuracy so that your new crown fits perfectly. Your new crown will be made of either porcelain or zirconia depending on the specific case.

Gentle extractions for a healthier smile.

Tooth Extraction

CinciSmiles performs gentle extractions with a focus on site preservation. What this means is we work very carefully to ensure your tooth socket is preserved in a way that keeps your option for future dental implants open. Dental implants are known to be the best solution for missing teeth. However, whether you decide to pursue implants in the future or not, you can be confident our team will work hard to preserve the bone in that area so you can make that choice when you’re ready.

Reverse the effects of gum disease.

Periodontal Therapy

At CinciSmiles, we offer a wide range of periodontal therapies designed to treat periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. We perform scaling and root planing, often referred to as a deep cleaning, as well as antibiotic therapy as necessary. Sometimes our team will recommend saliva testing to help determine the most effective treatment for your situation. Saliva testing provides valuable information about the state of your oral health and potential issues to monitor.

Protect your smile with a custom guard.

Nightguards and Mouth Guards

CinciSmiles offers custom-made nightguards and mouth guards to protect your teeth from damage. Our nightguards are helpful in preventing enamel damage if you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding). Similarly, mouth guards help protect your teeth from damage when playing contact sports. To ensure a precise fit, our team will use our iTero scanner to obtain digital impressions of your mouth. This allows us to capture highly accurate measurements that result in an optimal fit for your nightguard or mouth guard.

Enjoy easy, stress-free dental visits.

Sedation Dentistry

CinciSmiles understands that visits to the dentist aren’t everyone’s idea of a great day out! Dental anxiety is common, especially if you have had negative experiences in the past at other dental offices. If you need some extra assistance staying relaxed during treatment, we offer two options for your comfort, nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Don’t hesitate to talk to our team about your sedation dentistry options before your next appointment.

Questions About Our

General Dentistry Services

Yes! New patients are always welcome at CinciSmiles.

We recommend seeing us for a preventive evaluation and professional cleaning every six months to maintain your oral health.

Afford Your Care

Payment options to help you afford your oral health care.

At CinciSmiles, we believe that not having dental insurance shouldn’t be a barrier for accessing the oral health care that you and your family need. That is why we created our very own in-house dental savings plan. In addition, we accept all traditional forms of payment, including cash and credit card. We are also in network with most major dental insurance plans.

Need payment flexibility?

We also accept CareCredit and LendingClub, which allow you to access your treatment and pay it off over an approved period. Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply.


Doctor Tim and Andrew are awesome. They do a great job making sure their patients are comfortable and the staff are very friendly and do a great job. Best dentist in Milford.