Understand sleep apnea and depression.

Sleep Apnea and Depression: The Worrisome Connection You Should Know About

In recent years, we’ve heard more and more not only about mental health conditions, but the importance of prioritizing our mental health. It turns out that it's not just our ...
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Recognize sleep apnea symptoms.

What Is Sleep Apnea? 3 Things You Need to Know

Learn the facts about sleep apnea. Have you noticed that you're tired throughout the day despite seemingly getting enough sleep, or has your partner complained of your frequent snoring? You ...
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Oral hygiene for kids.

Kids’ Dental Care 101: Tips to Teach Your Children About Oral Hygiene

Establishing good oral hygiene habits early in life provides a foundation for your children to enjoy healthy smiles for decades to come. While kids’ dental care may seem like a ...
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Keep teeth healthy with preventative dental care.

The Ultimate Guide to Preventative Dental Care: 5 Things to Do Every Day

The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene: Preventative Dental Care at Home Have you ever made a checklist of everything you need to tackle in a day? If you are like ...
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Dental implants for missing teeth.

I Am Missing Teeth: Are Dental Implants the Best Tooth Replacement Option?

No one wants to flash a smile that shows gaps or missing teeth. But unfortunately, missing teeth are far more common than you might realize. The National Institute of Dental ...
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